Latex foams that are used in our products:

latex-schaumstoff smart grip : Optimal covering for for editing your papers visit this site the embossed upper hand. Reliable abrasive and damping characteristics with high durability.
3 mmm thick latex + 3 mm foam. Thus, the gloves are bulky and compact.
supergrip : 3 + 3 mm thick foam with a very high percentageof natural latex. has very good damping properties.
Optimum grip characteristics in dry weather and solid at Naßwetter.
teraGRIP : 3.5 + 3 mm very soft and high quality latex foam
. outstanding characteristics in all weather conditions
Additionally, this foam has a high abrasion.
giant grip : 4 +3 mm perfect all-weather flooring adhesive foam This is the ultimate in grip – and damping properties… It provides maximum safety and ball control in all weather conditions
power grip : 3.5 +3 mm Allround latex foam.Excellent Features
at Naßwetter but also in dry conditions.Provides a Höchsmaß cushioning and ball control
Total grip . 4 +3 mm thick latex foam in a class of
this adhesion foam is specially designed for damp and wet conditions.
Maximum grip and high damping properties with the same super soft touch make this pad ideal.
Important: The adhesive foam reaches optimum properties only by vorherigs moisten.Thereby, the durability is increased.