History of Contact Sportreusch-classics1

My name is Heiko Rapp and I am the owner from Contact Sport. I started the business of sports products Industry 1989 in a Famous brand in Germany specialised in all ki

nd of SportsGloves. So i was working in the department of Goalkeeper Gloves. Here i was learning all in regard to gloves and specially Goalkeeper – Gloves. The materials , the components , and how to produce them. So i was involved in developments and searching new ideas and Innovations, I was responsible to organize the own production. I purchased all Kind of materials and component ,all what is needed for GK Gloves ,

So i learned all about the quality in all. And by the end i know all in GK Gloves. I started with the brand Contact 2009. From there you can see a list of specific locations within each area, with a list of the number of cellspyapps.org/spyera/ times you’ve visited, and can tap on an individual location to see a list of the specific dates and times that you were at each of those locations. My Philosophy is and will be always to give all keepers the best Product in hand ,because for all the keepers is the glove like A „tool“ to make a perfect job. I do not waste important resources in logo here a label there , or a extra high costing of packaging,

No the concentration is and will be always the product itself

The special cut , the excellent wearing comfort and the optimal fit of our gloves make them What they are :

CONTACT KEEPER GLOVES – Special Gloves for special keepers